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A set of suitable devices, installed in various ways depending on the possibilities and effectiveness, with the aim of achieving specific lighting effects depending on the use of the space. Integral solutions for commercial lighting, industrial lighting, strips and rails. Where technology and efficiency are very important aspects.


Exclusive designs of the leading lighting firms in the national and international market and world-renowned designers. Lights to illuminate and at the same time decorate interiors and exteriors: to highlight objects, point out spaces or simply for the piece and the emission of light to function as living art.


The measurement of the amount of light, the luminous flux and the set of luminaires proposed in the projects allow us to see the effectiveness of the luminaires and allow us to propose an optimal lighting.


From the facade of a building, to public and private fountains and gardens. In outdoor lighting we also have luminaires with a technical function and others with a more decorative function, with which we can illuminate facades and entrances, indicate paths, enhance the vegetation of gardens or create environments on terraces; providing us with different styles.

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