Design, technology, experience and professionalism join Luxiform under a new concept of light. The company has always been committed to change, reinventing itself and adapting to the latest trends in lighting, offering a specialized service, with the realization of studies
lighting design is rigorous for each particular case, and in this way, the optimum light is achieved.


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We want to position ourselves as leaders in the Lighting Designing sector, providing value to all our stakeholders. Through the use of the latest technologies we want to focus our efforts on improving the well-being and health of people through lighting. All this thanks to our employees and the people who work with us: architects, interior designers and installers, as well as suppliers.



Luxiform’s mission is to create sustainable value for our clients, citizens, partners, workers and other stakeholders, positioning itself as a leading company in the lighting sector that offers lighting products and services to provide to the space all the nuances that define it visually and, at the same time, reduce expenses and improve well-being, people’s health and the environment. In this sense, Luxiform also aims to position itself as a point of reference and collaboration for architecture and interior design professionals, as well as installers.



• Sustainable value creation.
• Ethical principles.
• Quality.
• Innovation.
• Customer orientation.
• Respect for the environment.
• Orientation towards people’s health and well-being.


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